[Users] February 2, 2021 Zeta Alliance Conference Call Summary

David Touitou david at network-studio.com
Wed Apr 14 10:37:41 CEST 2021


> Using Centralized Storage In Zimbra

> Mark S. asked if anyone has implemented the Centralized Storage feature in
> Zimbra? This allows for storing mailboxes from multiple Zimbra mail stores
> within the same directory structure on an S3 storage volume (AWS S3, Ceph,
> etc.). Cine commented that Centralized Storage speeds up mailbox moves between
> Zimbra mailbox servers considerably. 

As far as I've understood, it speeds up the "moving blobs" part.
So in the end the overall mailbox move is faster.

But the time the mailbox is unavailable to user (maintenance) because of moving SQL data is still as long as without Centralized Storage.
We had bad experience with 80GB+ mailboxes that were in maintenance for several days.

Can someone confirm this doesn't change with Centralized Storage?


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