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Fabio S. Schmidt fabio at bktech.com.br
Thu Nov 23 17:56:41 CET 2017

Hello Barry,

I would love to post on Zeta Alliance blog, but I would need some revision since my English is not good enough yet.

I could add content on a regular basis, something like a couple articles per week, would it meet your expectations? 

Kind regards.

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Hello Fabio, 

Thanks for your introduction and welcome to the Zeta Alliance. 

Jumping right in, perhaps it's an idea to enable the blog on zetalliance.org, if you 
could add content on a regular basis, that would give our website a little more 

What are your thoughts?

Kind regards, 

Barry de Graaff
Zeta Alliance Founder
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I'm Fabio Schmidt from Bktech, a Zimbra partner in Brasília - Brazil, and I would like to contribute more to Zeta Alliance. 

I could contribute to the Zimbra community team, translation group, and the support team. I work with Zimbra since 2010 and I am a certified instructor as well. I love sharing knowledge and ideas, so I keep a blog about Zimbra in Brazilian Portuguese. 

Kind regards. 
Fabio Schmidt

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