[Users] Shared resources across domains

Barry de Graaff info at barrydegraaff.tk
Wed Oct 26 14:55:33 CEST 2016

The ones in the admin panel under 

Of type: Locations and Equipment 

The locations can be used in the appointment scheduler to find a free meeting room. 

Those ones. 

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What resources? 

Users in domaina.com should be able to share out folders to users in domainb.com no problem on a single Zimbra server (at least they used to on 7.2.x!). 

Or are you trying to do something globally? If so, you could create a Distribution List in domaina.com for domainb.com users, and then have domaina.com users share out something to the Distribution List. 

Hope that helps, 

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Hello All, 

On single-server instance with multiple domains, I would like to share resources 
from domaina.com with domainb.com (not vice versa) also I want domainx.com etc. 
to be not affected. 

There is some hints here: 

Is this wiki accurate? 

This is not what I want: 

Anybody experience with this? 

Kind regards, 

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