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You can use the debug flag when calling zmmailbox to show the underlaying SOAP calls. 
That will help you to see what you need to implement 

zmmailbox -d -z -m [ mailto:user at example.com | user at example.com ] gid 

Sit tight, it is a lot! 

Can I auth as admin and perform actions on an user mailbox 
Yes, that is the example above. 

The -m sets the target mailbox, somewhere underwater, the admin authenticates with a token 
to do stuff for the user. 

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API newbie usage: I'd like to achieve what "zmmailbox" does, that is authenticating as admin and execute tasks on an account, like creating a folder. 
Is this possible with SOAP APIs? 

I found it's possible to authenticate as admin, but only for performing admin tasks. Can I auth as admin and perform actions on an user mailbox? 
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