[Users] Postfix Fails To Start On Reboot

Jim Dunphy jad at aesir.com
Mon Jan 14 17:56:14 CET 2019

Sure sounds like this: 


Bug number: ZBUG-798 

Easy to reproduce. 


----- On Jan 13, 2019, at 2:21 PM, L Mark Stone <lmstone at lmstone.com> wrote: 

> Several of us are seeing the issue where Postfix fails to restart on reboot.
> Randy I believe had some good information on this on a recent Zeta call.

> So, this happened (again) to me today, and I did my usual zmmtactl stop, move
> the ~/data/postfix/spool/pid /master.pid someplace, then zmmtactl start (which
> gets saslauthd started but not postfix) then "postfix stop" and "postfix start"
> and everything is OK again. All commands executed as the Zimbra user.

> Except now I'm seeing the ownership permissions of ~/data/postfix/spool/pid all
> over the place, so asking what others are seeing and what should the ownership
> be?

> On one system that has never had an issue with Postfix restarting, all of the
> files are owned by postfix:postfix with 600 perms.

> On the system where I just executed my hack, the master.pid, unix.error and
> unix.trace files are owned by root:root (with all other files owned by
> postfix:postfix). The old master.pid was owned by postfix:postfix.

> On another system which has had this issue intermittently, unix.trace is owned
> by root:root and everything else by postfix:postfix.

> So before I open a Support Case with Zimbra, I thought I'd ask here what others
> are seeing, and what your workaround has been.

> Thanks,

> Mark

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