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Mon Jan 14 13:29:03 CET 2019

Hello All, 

Please share your ideas for the 2019 crowdfunders! 

My top picks: 

1. Zimbra FOSS two factor authentication 
A custom authentication extension for Zimbra that would add a OTP field to the login screen (web interface) for 
TOTP based tokens. Integration with PrivacyIdea (https://www.privacyidea.org/) to manage the tokens. 

One could then use Zextras Mobile password to generate a separate password for Active Sync, and optionally 
disable protocols that do not support 2FA, like IMAP/POP and SMTP. Forcing the user to use the web interface 
or Active Sync 

[ https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/zimlets-foss/blob/master/ZimbraServer/examples/server-extensions/src/java/com/zimbra/examples/extns/customauth/SimpleAuth.java | https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/zimlets-foss/blob/master/ZimbraServer/examples/server-extensions/src/java/com/zimbra/examples/extns/customauth/SimpleAuth.java ] 
[ https://www.zimbra.com/docs/os/6.0.10/administration_guide/5_Zimbra_LDAP.05.4.html#1078126 | https://www.zimbra.com/docs/os/6.0.10/administration_guide/5_Zimbra_LDAP.05.4.html#1078126 ] 

2. Zimbra (Calendar) integration with Easy Appointments (or another service) 
This would allow customers to book appointments with persons or services defined in Zimbra via a friendly web 
[ http://easyappointments.org/ | http://easyappointments.org ] 
Included as a sample competitor: [ https://products.office.com/en-us/business/scheduling-and-booking-app | https://products.office.com/en-us/business/scheduling-and-booking-app ] 
What are your ideas? Please let us know, all feedback will be used to determine what the most wanted 
solutions are in 2019. 

Best Regards, 

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