[Users] Need volunteer to deal with issues reported in Zimbra Docker

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Mon Oct 9 17:02:48 CEST 2017

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Hello Brando,

I would like to comment on a few things you and Marc replied
on the in the past few days.

While there are a number of other (upstream) repositories, and
I understand the point of not duplicating efforts, I would like
to point out that an open-source community is also about helping
people out.

This is what we are trying to do at

A lot of people come there (because they did not find the other

Also the Zeta Alliance repo, allows for adding Github Issues, and as
far as I know Zimbra upstream repos does not. Also the status
of the upstream repo is not clear to me, nor the purpose of them.

What I would like, is someone to take a look at Zimbra-Community/zimbra-docker
see if it still works, if not, either fix it, or upload a better version
and deal with the occasional issue reported.

So we *help* the people looking there.

I am looking for someone now, because I do not want issues left unreplied
in limbo.

Hope this clarifies things. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Barry de Graaff
Zeta Alliance Founder
zetalliance.org | github.com/Zimbra-Community

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Hello Marc,

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> My thoughts below:
>>> Would you be willing to manage https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/zimbra-docker
>>> You could publish your docker work, or update this one and then deal
>>> with the occasional Github issue?
>> As you may have seen i gave a reply to a few issues but i think it would be
>> better to think, all of us who is interested, about the target we would like to
>> reach with this repo?
>> Do we want to give the users the opportunity to bring up (in a relatively timely
>> manner) a Zimbra Server (or a multiserver env) or just the possibility to fork?
>> How many env do we want to support (i've read things on openSuSe) ?
> Given the work Zimbra and F9 are doing for Zimbra 9 (or whatever it's called),
> could it be a duplication of effort to work on this when it's highly likely
> that F9/Zimbra will release a similar solution fairly soon? Maybe there are
> advantages to a community based solution?

There is no easy answer to this, i guess That's why i asked for comments from others.

If by citing Zimbra/F9 are you referring to this repo: https://github.com/Zimbra/zm-docker?

On the other hand, i've also seen https://github.com/Zimbra/docker-zcs-foss but it looks like something that was
started recently, so not so much things, in terms of issues, came up yet.

Brando B.
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