[Users] Zimbra Mailing Lists crowdfunder installer updated

Barry de Graaff info at barrydegraaff.tk
Thu Nov 16 14:59:05 CET 2017

Hello All,

The Zimbra Mailing Lists installer is now available, 

With the current headers, the reply is always to the 
list and not the original sender.

The results are good with Gmail, it identifies the list by 
it's list-id and it does not go to Junk.

Outlook does not like the zetalliance.org for some reason...
no matter what I do. It does not seem to be specific to
the mailing list.

SPF is broken though, I think it still looks at return-path.

I will do some more digging on that, but for now, it is not

Kind regards, 

Barry de Graaff
Zeta Alliance Founder
zetalliance.org | github.com/Zimbra-Community

+31 617 220 227
Fingerprint: 97f4694a1d9aedad012533db725ddd156d36a2d0

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