[Users] Franz Alternative Rambox - desktop clients

Silvan M. Gebhardt gebhardt at openfactory.ch
Sun Jul 10 20:09:50 CEST 2016

Hi Guys, 

I was using meetfranz.com (Proprietary) for a bit. Love it.
Now I ran into rambox.pro which is opensource. Much better! and it can do more (custom services)

You can define custom services, which works fine, but I can't get the notification badge for zimbra and I have some rendering issues.

the logo is simple, /img/logo/ImgZimbraLogo_64.gif on each zimbra Server.

but can anyone figure out how to get the amount of unread messages working? Would be awesome.... I sometimes see it by using https://host/zimbra/#1 so far

(this is my mattermost client, tweetdeck (won't fully work either with the badges) and more for me right now



ps: I used prism (mozilla) a few years ago - like 10 years ago. Loved it

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