[Users] Agenda for this week's Thursday [Today] conference call is available for editing

Adam Cody ajcody at zetalliance.org
Thu Dec 29 16:30:50 CET 2016

Since I'm working today, I'll go ahead and setup the conference in case people do want to discuss. If no one calls in by 10 minutes after, I'll drop. Hoping everyone is enjoying the holidays!! 

Agenda is available for editing at : 


Thursday at: 
* 20:00 Amsterdam/Milan|Central European Time 
* 14:00 Detroit/Ne/w York|Eastern Time 
* 11:00 Los Angeles|Pacific Time 
You can confirm your local time using: 
* http://www.timeanddate.com 

You can download the appointment from the wall page above. Once imported into Zimbra/ZWC , remember to modify it so it's a re-occurring appointment. 


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