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FYI - after some more thought and feedback, here's what I would like to propose. 

Banners for: 
Thinkfree Office 

I have a contract with Thinkfree I can ask about, does anyone have a contact with Collaboraoffice? The idea is, that Zeta Alliance is about giving OPTIONS to the Zimbra Community. As long as the companies are willingly to accept banner ads from the other companies, then I see this as a win-win situation. It helps spread the word there are options against M$ and Google. It'll be on the companies involved to make their own pitch on why their solution is better than another. 

Please join the Thursday conference call if you want to join into the discussion as well, I'll include this on the agenda. 


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Hi guys, 
For the point number 4, it's not even an option after you tried and work with ONLYOFFICE, try it yourself, Collabora is not mature, and every file you will upload it will destroyed, without format, etc, it doesn't work, specially after saw ONLYOFFICE. 

We are discussing with them, and hopefully we can present something soon, what afraid me at a Business level is the momentum thing, the surprise factor. The ONLYOFFICE project and Zimbra it was supposed to be internally so we could present something to the Market without being anticipated by something on the Community or a Zimlet, etc. Not for nothing else than for the good of the project, to present something that anyone were expecting, and allow Zimbra to recover some of the points we lose over the years. 

Best regards 

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You make a solid point, here's my 'defense' :) 

1. Zeta needs/wants collaborative document tools that work. We've fallen back to Gdocs now a number of times, who is also competition to Zimbra, more than OnlyOffice even. 

2. For online collaborative documentation, we have limited options. Feature set, f/loss, onprem and cloud hosted options seem to be the priority. Gdocs fails on 'onprem' and f/loss. https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer fulfills all three. 

3. The banner and hosting with onlyoffice will be temporary, until Cine and Mark Stone work out Zeta being able to host at ReliableNetworks. Once that happens, we can have our own OnlyOffice server that doesn't have the banner requirements. 

4. No one has endorsed or recommended https://www.collaboraoffice.com/code/ at this point. I'm hoping that will be different once Cine and Mark Stone have things worked out and we can consider using it as another choice to OnlyOffice for our solution. 

And finally, there's nothing stopping Zimbra and OnlyOffice working together and finding a way/method to make 'zimbra' more of an integrated option within OnlyOffice for the email/calendar/etc setup. Rather approach this as 'we could be friends' rather as we'll always be 'competition'. Win-win, right? 


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Hi Adam, 

while OnlyOffice has some compelling features of which I am envious at 
some places, it is also a direct competitor to Zimbra as a product. 
>From a business perspective, I don't think it is a good idea to have 
the Zeta Alliance use and officially endorse that service. I can 
already see the hard to answer questions from potential customers who 
happen to stumble upon OnlyOffice via the Zeta Alliance links. 

Just my 2 cents, 

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Hello Everyone, 

Jorge and Mark N. shared a very interesting F/LOSS project today - https://www.onlyoffice.org/ and https://onlyoffice.com 

They also offer free hosting for non-profits, I went ahead and signed up for that. I had to include a banner at the bottom of the zeta webpage. If there's any objections, let me know - but I think this might be useful for testing among us in the Zeta Alliance. The Zeta Alliance "project" page will be - https://zetalliance.onlyoffice.com/ . I used the info at zetalliance.org email address for the sign up account. 

Adam Cody 

Other references: 

Note, they have some dated webpages - for "comparison" of versions, see http://www.onlyoffice.com/compare-server-editions.aspx 
Owncloud connections - https://central.owncloud.org/t/onlyoffice-plugin/4432 & http://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/tipstricks/add-resource.aspx 

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Dear Zeta Alliance, 
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