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Jorge de la Cruz jdelacruz at zetalliance.org
Fri Dec 23 12:22:09 CET 2016

Hi guys, 
Yes and no, they have a suite of apps who run in .ASP with Mono if you want or of course under Windows, however, their Document Server engine, which is the best thing here, is not in .ASP: 

    * https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer 

I can only say that Zimbra is working with the guys of ONLYOFFICE and you will have more news soon :) For the moment, something on my lab, keep it as proof of concept, nothing to Zimbra related itself, just a demo: 

    * The ability to add owncloud, and other providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, it's just sublime 

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Hi Silvain, 

OnlyOffice runs on .NET/Mono indeed but is available on Linux with 
Docker nowadays: 

I happen to know this since we get a few requests for managed hosting of 
OnlyOffice every now and then already. 


On 23.12.2016 10:42, Silvan M. Gebhardt wrote: 

And If I recall correctly, onlyoffice was a product that had a different name before. They run on ASPX only and in a way I never got it to work on Mono... 

I spent days trying to make teamlab working at that time. 
So it is floss, but required a proprietary platform to run - I am aware microsoft is flossing a lot of their stuff now, but still - not yet business ready level 

so zimbra I can run on a linux server. Teamlab not yet. 

(And that's about as bad as the idea one of my newest clients had - yeah let's put hyperV in and join the hosts into the domain, so they will be encrypted with ransomware too if it hits us) 

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Hi Adam, 

while OnlyOffice has some compelling features of which I am envious at 
some places, it is also a direct competitor to Zimbra as a product. 
>From a business perspective, I don't think it is a good idea to have 
the Zeta Alliance use and officially endorse that service. I can 
already see the hard to answer questions from potential customers who 
happen to stumble upon OnlyOffice via the Zeta Alliance links. 

Just my 2 cents, 

On 23.12.2016 00:38, Zeta Alliance - Info wrote: 

Hello Everyone, 

Jorge and Mark N. shared a very interesting F/LOSS project today - https://www.onlyoffice.org/ and https://onlyoffice.com 

They also offer free hosting for non-profits, I went ahead and signed up for that. I had to include a banner at the bottom of the zeta webpage. If there's any objections, let me know - but I think this might be useful for testing among us in the Zeta Alliance. The Zeta Alliance "project" page will be - https://zetalliance.onlyoffice.com/ . I used the info at zetalliance.org email address for the sign up account. 

Adam Cody 

Other references: 

Note, they have some dated webpages - for "comparison" of versions, see http://www.onlyoffice.com/compare-server-editions.aspx 
Owncloud connections - https://central.owncloud.org/t/onlyoffice-plugin/4432 & http://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/tipstricks/add-resource.aspx 

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Dear Zeta Alliance, 
You have just created the ONLYOFFICE portal, your team’s portal that would enhance internal cooperation. Your portal address is https://zetalliance.onlyoffice.com (adding this link to your bookmarks is a good idea, you are most likely to get to use it a lot). Follow the link below to confirm your email address: 
Click here for confirmation 
Please, complete your email activation within a week as the link is valid for 7 days only. 
Note: we do not send out confidential information (like your password) in emails for safety reasons. You may change your email or password in your personal profile page. 
For more information we invite you to browse our Help Center. 
Truly yours, 

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