[Users] [Zeta Alliance Sign Up] Fwd: Welcome to ONLYOFFICE™ portal!

Adam Cody ajcody at zetalliance.org
Fri Dec 23 01:05:42 CET 2016

The Zeta Alliance Portal url is http://onlyo.co/2hewRkH 

That will allow you to see the zeta alliance porta [documents, etc.] from your own OnlyOffice account.


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Hello Everyone,

 Jorge and Mark N. shared a very interesting F/LOSS project today - https://www.onlyoffice.org/ and https://onlyoffice.com

 They also offer free hosting for non-profits, I went ahead and signed up for that. I had to include a banner at the bottom of the zeta webpage. If there's any objections, let me know - but I think this might be useful for testing among us in the Zeta Alliance. The Zeta Alliance "project" page will be - https://zetalliance.onlyoffice.com/ . I used the info at zetalliance.org email address for the sign up account.

Adam Cody

Other references:

Note, they have some dated webpages - for "comparison" of versions, see http://www.onlyoffice.com/compare-server-editions.aspx
Owncloud connections - https://central.owncloud.org/t/onlyoffice-plugin/4432 & http://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/tipstricks/add-resource.aspx 

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Dear Zeta Alliance,
You have just created the ONLYOFFICE portal, your team’s portal that would enhance internal cooperation. Your portal address is https://zetalliance.onlyoffice.com (adding this link to your bookmarks is a good idea, you are most likely to get to use it a lot). Follow the link below to confirm your email address:
Click here for confirmation
Please, complete your email activation within a week as the link is valid for 7 days only.
Note: we do not send out confidential information (like your password) in emails for safety reasons. You may change your email or password in your personal profile page.
For more information we invite you to browse our Help Center.
Truly yours,

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