[Users] [Zimbra Rocket] A personal project to merge Rocket Chat and Zimbra

Jorge de la Cruz jdelacruz at zetalliance.org
Thu Dec 1 14:28:53 CET 2016

Hi Yutaka, 
Yes sure, you can reply on this thread, or just to me, or add me on skype jorgedlcruz or find me on the IRC too. 

We really need a better auth, so if you can help, we can add it to the public zimlet. 

Let's chat more in private 

Best regards! 

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Subject: Re: [Users] [Zimbra Rocket] A personal project to merge Rocket Chat and Zimbra 

Hi Jorge, 

I am pretty interested in working together with you for this project. 
Especially for "better auth integration" part since I have been familiar with standard authentication/authorization protocol and zimbra if you are OK. 

Please let me know how you think about that. 


On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 7:19 AM, Jorge de la Cruz <jdelacruz at zetalliance.org> wrote: 

Hi guys, 
As a personal project I'm trying to deliver all the good things of the new "Slack-like" apps and all the power of Zimbra, at the moment the best candidate is Rocket Chat, plus I'm already in touch with the dev team and they are more than happy than work together with the Zimbra project, as they respect and know the project 

    * [ https://github.com/jorgedlcruz/zimbra-rocket | https://github.com/jorgedlcruz/zimbra-rocket ] 
A bit of immediate actions I'm going to work when I have time, or now you can, just grab the Zimlet, a simple iFrame at the moment, and work on it: 

    * Better auth integration, something like the owncloud Zimlet from Barry looks okay, maybe SAML will be the best 
    * Keep the vertical bar during the whole Zimbra Web client experience, so you can see the people online, start a call, and so on, this will need the guys from Rocket Chat 

Again, this is just a personal project for the Open Source Community, and right now it's just an iFrame, looking so good, but an iFrame. 

Let me know if you have some ideas and please let me know if you want to join the Rocket Chat private room we have between their developers, including the CEO, and us 

Best regards 

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