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Jorge de la Cruz jdelacruz at zetalliance.org
Wed Aug 17 15:21:41 CEST 2016

Hi guys, 
I'm here! Alive, as I said into the forums, I have moved more into the Product Marketing for the present and future OEM, which is taking full time and ahead of my time, which basically means I'm not Community Manager itself anymore at a title, or duties. But still we don't have anyone to replace me, so I will keep doing maintenance for the Forums, and trying all my best for them, and for the Community, you can see that I'm trying to reply as much as I can, and I know of course. 

Months ago the Zeta Alliance said we have a Community group to take care of the Forums, for that reason we moved into zimbra.org, not under forums.zimbra.com like before, we even have it here - http://www.zetalliance.org/organization-structure But the reality of the forums is that the most active users are the usual ones, phoenix by far the most active one, myself, Mark, liverpool, etc. But it will be amazing to have more Zeta Alliance guys replying, specially people with deep knowledge like Adam or Cine, but I understand they are really busy too. 

I will be really happy if we can put some ideas to improve the Forums, some of them it will be under Zimbra/Synacor umbrella, like talk with each Manager to let them know it's important for Zimbra Employees to contribute, most active users, or better monthly topics, etc. etc. And others can be under the Community/Zeta Alliance umbrella, it's nothing wrong about to share responsibilities, as at the end is for the good of Zimbra as a product and as an Open Source project. 

I am really open to help with the ideas about the Forums, please think about it and let me know. 

I really hope we will have some Community and Social Media Manager soon, as far as I know the hiring process is open already, but it will be as a contractor, so maybe it's not yet opened on the synacor careers page, not sure about all this HR thing. 

I don't see any mess, just an opportunity to put all the bullet points of how to improve it from Synacor, and from the Zeta Alliance, and then start working on that points. 

Best regards 

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I don't think this is being over dramatic but it is the case that it leaves the forums, yet again, rudderless and without management or direction. My point and question is what can we do about it (if anything) and what does it mean for the involvement of the Alliance with Synacor - can anything be salvaged from this (from my point of view) mess. 



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My instant thought is that we shouldn't try to make this more dramatic 
without further knowledge. 

In Europe it's not unheard of to have several weeks of holiday during 
the summer months. I don't know how that is where Jorge comes from 
(Spain?), but in Norway it's very common to have 5 weeks mandatory 
holiday; some take it all in one go other spread it out over the year. 

My point is ... Jorge's absence might just as well be quite trivial and 
not related to any work related issues or Synacor stepping back on their 
community efforts. 

kind regards, 

David Sommerseth 

On 16/08/16 21:01, Adam Cody wrote: 


I hadn't heard of there being no community manager until your post. 
Jorge has been absent in our weekly calls for months now. Is there a 
public forum post that explains what is going on? 

I had to approve this message by the way because it didn't have this 
email address in the list. 


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Hi everyone 

Sorry about the long absence, I've had some personal matters that have taken 
priority for the past few months. 

It now seems that, once again, the Zimbra forums are without direction and 
there's no Community Manager as I was just informed by Jorge. 

I'm afraid I've already expressed my frustration about this in the Zimbra admin 
forums so I won't bore you with the detail but I will say this is a great 
disappointment to me. I thought that with Jorge looking after the forums we 
might have had a chance to move forward but it seems that Zimbra (or should we 
just call them Synacor these days?) has had second thoughts and has, as far as 
I can see, abandoned the forums to it's own devices. 

On another slightly off topic subject, apart from the mailing lists notification 
themselves I seem to have dropped off all the other communications - have I 
missed something? 




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