[Users] Zimbra's bug fixing process?

David Touitou david at network-studio.com
Wed Feb 10 12:52:46 CET 2021

Hi all.

> De: "Marc Gadsdon" <mg at in-tuition.net>

>> Any ETA for this joke to end?
> It sure feels like no ETA until Zimbra's senior management wake up to the
> benefits of open communication with their clients, partners and friends in the
> community.

I might be against some ofyou here but I think the weekly Zeta call goes against the community (and global improvements).

Yes, I was part of the early Zeta Alliance and I'm still around.

The weekly call seemed a good idea (to me) at first.
Chitchat between people really motivated by Zimbra, improvements and so on, outside of Zimbra's owner.

But, seen from here (I might be wrong as I do not participate to the calls) it turned into a "parner call with some Synacor insiders".

All of this should happen on the public forum.
Serious talks, chitchats, answers from Synacor to question raised, shaming, etc.

The call gives Synacor an excuse to say "see, we're still in the community".
No you're not, you're on a weekly call with partners/resellers/BSPs and some "big setup" customers (several tenths of thousands accounts or more).

Also, what happen on the call or in this list (not being happy with Synacor) is not public enough to get them to move.
I don't really like public shaming but sometimes...

The yearly french event got canceled.
Why? Covid? I don't think so. 
But a customers/partners meeting with most of customers (very) unhappy and openly says it might not happen again.

Another point, that looks to me like a running gag: BSP still don't have gov/edu/non-profit offers.
I've been asking for this since LiquidWeb, I know I'm not the only one.
Not even trying to compare features, just considering licences prices, it's impossible to compete against other solutions.

I'm pissed of.


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