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Hello Zeta Alliance Community, 

Here is a summary of this week’s conference call. A few brief reminders: 

    * Conference calls are every Tuesday and open to all using either the FreeConferenceCall.com VoIP app or via a dial-in number: [ https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/zetalliance | https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/zetalliance ] 
    * Each week’s call agenda can be found at: [ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xDyBJFjnfZYxuXJHiDzsXjjMuGGtIl7J | https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xDyBJFjnfZYxuXJHiDzsXjjMuGGtIl7J ] 
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    * Constructive feedback on these call summaries is always welcome. 

April 27, 2021 

Sharing Individual Files From The Zimbra Briefcase 
Noah P. said that he uses the Zimbra Briefcase often and that he has a client that wants to start using it to share documents with meeting attendees outside of the client’s email domain. He said he knows that a Briefcase share can be created from the folder level, but asked, is there a means to share a specific document from within a folder, rather than a whole folder? John H. confirmed that shares can only be created at the folder level. 

Zimbra Cloud and Cloud Storage Providers 
Marc G. said he was trying out Zimbra Cloud and that when he connects his Dropbox and OneDrive storage to his Zimbra Cloud account, he could not find a place in the Zimbra Cloud UI where he can access these connected storage accounts. He said he found things in Zimbra Cloud to be responsive and thought the administration features were well designed for the use cases they are intended to serve. John E. said that one of the tabs in Zimbra Cloud called Cloud Storage currently just provides instructions on how to use outside cloud storage, but he has suggested to the Zimbra product team that it should do more, making it easier for end users to access their external storage accounts. It was suggested that the instructions for accessing outside cloud storage accounts may be contained in one of the automated welcome emails sent by Zimbra Cloud. 

Experiences with 8.8.15 Patch 21 and 9.0 Patch 14 
Mark S. asked if anyone on the call had installed 8.8.15 P21 or 9.0 P14 yet. Randy L. said he installed P21 last night, and so far, all appeared to be working smoothly. Mark also asked if Randy had enabled TLS 1.3. Randy L. said he enabled it back when he installed 8.8.15 P20, and was also happy to see HTTP/2.0 support for the Zimbra Web Client added at the same time in P20 to help accelerate Web Client performance. 

Noteworthy Improvements in 8.8.15 Patch 21 and 9.0 Patch 14 
Marc G. asked if there were any urgent reasons to install 8.8.15 P21 or 9.0 P14. Randy L. said the most significant reason to install either patch sooner than later is that it includes an updated version of ClamAV, version 103.2, which provides patches for 5 ClamAV vulnerabilities, four of which have high CVSS scores of 7.5 out of 10, discussed in the earlier April 6th and April 13th Zeta Alliance calls. The patches also include a fix for a vulnerability in OpenSSL with a CVSS score of 5.9. Mark S. said an additional reason to install either new Zimbra patch is that it includes a fix for purging expired backup data stored in S3 volumes, discussed in the March 2nd and March 9th Zeta Alliance calls. 

Updated Zextras Road Map 
Randy L. said while browsing Forum postings on the Zextras site, he came across a link to an updated Zextras road map for 2021: [ https://community.zextras.com/zextras-suite-roadmap/ | https://community.zextras.com/zextras-suite-roadmap/ ] . Mark S. commented that the road map shows the Video Server as complete in Zextras 3.1.8, but 8.8.15 P21 and 9.0 P14 (which both include Zextras 3.1.9) still show the Video Server as beta. John H. said he noticed this too and will bring it up for discussion on the next call with the Zextras & Zimbra development teams. 

Randy Leiker ( randy at skywaynetworks.com ) 
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