[Users] Alternate username for login

Barry de Graaff info at barrydegraaff.tk
Sat Jul 6 16:48:58 CEST 2019

Here are 2 options, 

Option one, create a custom auth extension in Java, like so: 
[ https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/zimlets-foss/tree/master/ZimbraServer/examples/server-extensions/src/java/com/zimbra/examples/extns/customauth | https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/zimlets-foss/tree/master/ZimbraServer/examples/server-extensions/src/java/com/zimbra/examples/extns/customauth ] 

Another option, is to use an external LDAP. Perhaps it could be an LDAP proxy to Zimbra 
but with some magic for your use-case. 

If you have Java knowledge, option 1 is better, otherwise you could explore the ldap option. 

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Subject: [Users] Alternate username for login 

Hi all, 

I am looking at possibilities to have alternate username and password for login to Zimbra. It can be a new zimbraLoginName and zimbraLoginPassword. This is purely for login purpose. 

The idea is to obscure accounts from email address. It can also be used for initial configuration of pop, imap, smtp settings because they should seldom change. 

The WebClient can also use alternate login. If user cannot remember it, they can use zimbraPrefPasswordRecoveryAddress to find out. After all the settings is user configured in Preferences. 

Hope this is right place to discuss ideas. If not, please advise right channel. 


Naisiew Yeak 
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