[Users] Zeta Alliance 2019 crowdfunding ideas

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Tue Jan 15 09:31:50 CET 2019

Well, one needs to start somewhere... and there can be multiple
ways to authenticate.

So the web-interface could be 2FA using an OTP code, and
Z-push could use something else.

I never had much luck with Z-push and account shares, and also
it ate a lot of resources when deployed to any server with >100

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On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 09:00:08AM +0100, Barry de Graaff wrote:
> If Active Sync has OTP capability (I doubt it)

No, it doesn't, but AS does support client certificates, which would be
a cool workaround for not being able to use password/otp-based auth.

> that would need to be implemented in Z-push.

Afaik client certs are unsupported in z-push (and zextras, for that
matter), so indeed that would need to be implemented.

> Anyone still using Z-push? Why?

Yes, because freedom ;-) and being a cheapskate, providing free e-mail
on a community server is not a "business model" that easily affords
license subscriptions.



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