[Users] Any ETA or planning on actual Zimbra ZCS fork?

Frédéric Nass frederic.nass at univ-lorraine.fr
Fri Dec 13 14:14:51 CET 2019

Le 12/12/2019 à 19:32, Randy Leiker a écrit :
> Hi Adrian,
> Following the weekly Zeta Alliance conference call on December 3rd, 
> both myself & everyone on the call gained a better understanding of 
> your concerns about the open source edition of Zimbra and we 
> appreciated you joining the call. Again, we welcome anyone to join the 
> weekly calls (https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/zetalliance) to 
> discuss all things Zimbra related, and get early heads-up on Zimbra 
> improvements in the pipeline.  Just to recap the highlights of the 
> conference call for everyone seeing this message on the mailing list, 
> we discussed:
> *Concerns about whether or not an open source version of Zimbra X will 
> be released*
> Barry De Graaff agreed that Zimbra has not been forthcoming with the 
> community about the product direction for open source Zimbra.  In his 
> role as a Zimbra employee, he's initiated a discussion with Rene Otto 
> (head of product management for Zimbra) to seek clarification.  Barry 
> reported in this week's Zeta Alliance call that he has not yet heard 
> back from Rene on this topic.
> *The challenges and workload involved with forking Zimbra*
> Most everyone on the call agreed that forking Zimbra would be a 
> massive task with many challenges, and is not advisable. Barry also 
> reminded everyone that the Zeta Alliance is not a fork of Zimbra 
> (https://zetalliance.org/faq/). There was also a discussion about the 
> challenges related to building a community around a fork and managing 
> code contributions.  John Hurley (head of Zimbra tech support) also 
> mentioned that Zimbra currently sees very few contributions to the 
> product from the open source community.


In response to John's testimony, we (ZCS NE customer) haven't seen any 
contributions from Zimbra's support to solve any issues we've met over 
the past 3 years!

In the past, we have hoped that Zimbra would stop being sold each year. 
Now we regret this time ...


> *Running Zimbra X using on-premise hardware*
> Barry also asked Rene about this topic, but reported he has not heard 
> back on this topic.  Following the call on December 3rd, I think you 
> are right Adrian in that it will continue to be possible to run Zimbra 
> X with on-premise hardware, since many Zimbra BSPs depend on this 
> capability for thier business model.
> *Next Zimbra X product announcement*
> There were hints offered that the community may be hearing more about 
> the direction of Zimbra X in the coming weeks, which may help 
> definitively answer some of the above concerns.
> *Upcoming schedule for weekly calls*
> Discussed in this week's Zeta Alliance call, we are planning to do one 
> more call this year on December 17th, then will take a break and 
> continue the weekly calls starting on January 7, 2020.
> Randy Leiker (randy at skywaynetworks.com )
> Skyway Networks, LLC
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>     Hi Adrian,
>     Thanks for sending such a thorough email outlining your ideas for
>     forking ZCS 8.8.x.  Similar to Zimbra's policy prior to the GA
>     release of 8.8, they are likewise being quiet about specific
>     roadmap details for the GA release of X, aside from a few high
>     level bits of information publicly released.
> I see.
>     Aside from the things that I've been told that are confidential
>     partner information, it has been publicly hinted that there will
>     be more than one version of X, targeted at different markets.  It
>     has likewise been publicly disclosed that it will likely be based
>     on Docker containers in a Kubernetes environment.
>     My personal speculation (not based on anything shared with me by
>     Syncaor) is that one of those versions will probably be a hosted
>     offering similar to Office 365's Business Premium email
>     subscription model, possibly based on an AWS cloud platform.  I
>     seriously doubt Synacor would directly offer to host it on
>     Microsoft's Azure or Google's cloud services, since they are
>     direct competitors to Zimbra (Office 365 & G Suite).  I also
>     speculate that they would make it optional for a Zimbra admin to
>     independently deploy ZCS on their own using either Azure or
>     Google's clouds