[Users] Zimbra doing similar like Exchange DAG

Naisiew Yeak yeak at md.com.my
Wed Nov 7 04:54:23 CET 2018

Hi Randy,

Thanks for sharing.

1. The GlusterFS can't ensure consistent replica between nodes? I actually
hope that it will. Anyway I will test for Zimbra usage. Will report
2. Zimbra X direction is out of my league for now. If there is no choice I
will have to pick it up and learn it.
3. Yes I am thinking of similar idea where MySQL is one component by itself
with cluster setup. But all this setup tear Zimbra design away. Upgrade
will become an issue. I guess this is what Zimbra X is trying to solve.

Anyone has good answer how to answer those people comparing Zimbra to
Exchange DAG? Simply say we are not ready? Work In Progress?

My current answer: DAG is resource hungry. Zimbra is slim. However we are
working toward similar active/active mailstore and keep the resources low.

Any other idea?


On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 1:27 AM Randy Leiker <randy at skywaynetworks.com>

> Hi Naisiew,
> It sounds like you are referring to two different configurations: an
> active/passive mailbox server (mb1 fails over to mb1a), and an
> active/active mailbox server.  For the active/passive mailbox server,
> assuming that you use the default Zimbra install location of /opt/zimbra,
> and have /opt mounted from network storage, in this case GlusterFS, that
> should work, but you should be aware that when the day comes that you need
> to do a fail-over from mb1 to mb1a (assuming it's an unplanned fail over),
> what you will end up with is a crash-consistent fail-over.  This means that
> when mb1a mounts the /opt volume & begins attempting to start-up the
> various Zimbra mailbox services, you will see complaints in the log files,
> such as /opt/zimbra/log/mysql_errors & /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log about a
> recovery from an unexpected shutdown.  This does not always work, and
> sometimes Zimbra services, particularly the mailboxd service, fails to
> start because MariaDB cannot recover or there is corrupt data in one or
> more mailboxes.  The likelihood of recovery depends on how busy you
> rmailbox server is.  The more busy it is with disk writes, the more likely
> it is it may not be able to self-recover from a crash consistent copy of
> the /opt data on GlusterFS.  To recover, you may then find you need to use
> the procedures outlined here:
> https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Mysql_Crash_Recovery .
> In the current Zimbra 8.8.x version, it does not have a means to run in an
> active/active configuration out of the box.  This is because data on the
> mailbox server is very stateful, such as the mailbox blobs, the mailbox
> indexes, the MariaDB database, and the redo log file.  This capability is
> on Zimbra's road map, but the earliest version it is expected to appear is
> within Zimbra X, which is the next major release of Zimbra.  In Zimbra X,
> it contains an architecture change where all Zimbra services will run as
> Docker containers, which will be orchestrated using Kubernetes.  Zimbra X
> will only contain a subset of the features of the current Zimbra 8.8.x
> version, with additional features being added, as demand requires.
> But, not all is lost.  For much of this year, I've been working
> periodically on an open source project to add active/active capabilities to
> the 8.8.x version.  In theory, it should also work on earlier 8.x releases
> too, but I haven't tested it outside of 8.8.x yet.  So far, I have an
> active/active Zimbra cluster working, which uses other open source products
> to extend the shipping version of Zimbra 8.8.x.  It relies on abstracting
> the storage of the mailbox server data in to Ceph, along with deployment of
> MariaDB's Galera Cluster.  I don't have a web site setup for the project
> yet, but as it gets closer to a deployable status, I'm giving occasional
> updates on it on the weekly Zeta Alliance calls, and will likewise post
> updates to this mailing list too.
> Randy Leiker ( randy at skywaynetworks.com )
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> Hi there,
> Does anyone know how Zimbra can compare to Exchange DAG?
> I am planning to deploy GlusterFS to replicate my /opt to 3 nodes (one
> arbiter). Any advice for this kind of setup? I actually do it on the
> mailstore itself. Basically 3 mailstore servers, mb1, mb1a, mb1b. The mb1
> is production and mount the volume to /opt. The mb1a has a copy of data and
> ready to start up. Finally mb1b as quorum.
> I hope to run mb1 and mb1a Active/Active. That mean the mariadb should be
> active/active on both of them. Current Zimbra is not ready for this right?
> I am searching for information what is the direction of the new
> architecture for new Zimbra. Hope someone can share and let me know. I want
> to begin deploy such foundation for my Hosted Zimbra service. Also use it
> as demo platform for customer who is asking about Active/Active mailstore
> (they literacy bring up DAG to compare).
> Thanks.
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