[Users] Zimbra doing similar like Exchange DAG

Naisiew Yeak yeak at md.com.my
Tue Nov 6 11:30:50 CET 2018

Hi there,

Does anyone know how Zimbra can compare to Exchange DAG?

I am planning to deploy GlusterFS to replicate my /opt to 3 nodes (one
arbiter). Any advice for this kind of setup? I actually do it on the
mailstore itself. Basically 3 mailstore servers, mb1, mb1a, mb1b. The mb1
is production and mount the volume to /opt. The mb1a has a copy of data and
ready to start up. Finally mb1b as quorum.

I hope to run mb1 and mb1a Active/Active. That mean the mariadb should be
active/active on both of them. Current Zimbra is not ready for this right?

I am searching for information what is the direction of the new
architecture for new Zimbra. Hope someone can share and let me know. I want
to begin deploy such foundation for my Hosted Zimbra service. Also use it
as demo platform for customer who is asking about Active/Active mailstore
(they literacy bring up DAG to compare).


Naisiew Yeak
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