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L Mark Stone lmstone at lmstone.com
Fri Mar 16 16:53:08 CET 2018

As some of you on the weekly Zeta Alliance calls know, I'm no longer with Reliable Networks. I've set up a new Zimbra-only endeavor called Mission Critical Email, and registered as a Zimbra VAR and BSP partner.

I've set up the first Zimbra 8.8.7 Network Edition system on Amazon AWS and I wouldn't mind hosting a few folks to help me kick the tires a bit more than I already have.

If you have a domain you control and are actively developing for Zimbra, supporting Zimbra systems, or otherwise participating in the Zimbra ecosystem, I'm happy to give you a FREE 25GB quota mailbox or two on your own domain, and to do some configuration/support work for you for free (like configuring DKIM in Zimbra for you).

The rules are simple:

  1.  You have be doing something to support the Zimbra community.
  2.  You have to use your own email domain and manage your own public DNS.
  3.  No bulk emailing or do anything else that will get others ticked off at you or me.
  4.  Domain Admin access only; no Global Admin access nor commandline access to the server environment.
  5.  This isn't a free devops environment; it's a supported, production Network Edition environment so please don't ask me to hack Zimbra for you or make any changes that will negate me getting support from Zimbra.

If interested, send me an email at Mark.Stone at MissionCriticalEmail.com

Best regards to all,



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