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sean overturf sean.overturf at astroshapes.com
Tue Mar 13 20:22:26 CET 2018

Forgot to mention one other item really as an fyi what i saw type thing. We are using Centos 7 for the NE 8.8 build and noticed a Ton of: 

systemd: Starting Session 2456 of user zimbra 

Filling the messages log. Its not a Zimbra issue as it is expected per RedHat but they have put out a way to filter these messages from rsyslog. 


There were some questions following the incremental migration wiki: 

1) Does not deal with users who may have already installed the ZeXtras Migration Tool 
Simple enough as the install lets you know to uninstall it, but could be handy to be known in cases where the user does not know and does not want to hork their current prod server setup to test. 
2) Step 3: Data Export (SmartScan) 

Run a SmartScan on the source server: 
zxsuite backup doSmartScan 
Is that a 1 time command or does this run in the background after Notification says it is complete? 

Reason i ask is i am not sure how to tell if it is running or not before perfoming the rsync to the NE 8.8 server from the FOSS server the command was run against. 

3) Same question about 
Step 5: First import 

Import all exported data to the destination server: 
zxsuite backup doExternalRestore /path/for/the/data/ 
As i am reading the Post-migration checks i dont want to cause heavier I/O than what is being generated doing this migration. 

Thank you all for your advice! 

Thank you, 
I.T. Systems Administrator 
Astro Shapes Inc. 
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