[Users] Zimbra Incremental migration

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Good morning, 

It is a little confusing to me so i apologise but i have questions. 

Step 2: ZeXtras Suite setup 

Only for servers on which ZeXtras Backup is not already initialized and running Install ZeXtras Suite on both servers: 
[run this commands as Root]
wget http://www.zextras.com/download/zextras_suite-latest.tgz
tar zxvf zextras_suite-latest.tgz
cd zextras_suite-[version]
./install.sh all 

Disable the Real Time Scanner on both servers: 
zxsuite backup setProperty ZxBackup_RealTimeScanner false 

A dedicated device for the data export is strongly recommended in order to improve the export performance and to lower the impact on the performances of the running system. 

Such device must be mounted on the /opt/zimbra/backup/ path and the Zimbra user must have r/w permissions on it 
What happens if you already have the zextras backup module installed? Do you remove it? If it is installed as i have do i move on to step 3? I am not entirely sure what is meant as dedicated device? I tired nfs and that didnt work out too well. I am making an assumption i do not have to install on the NE version ? 

Thank you for any advice. 

Thank you, 
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Since we discuss this process every week on the call, RTFM: 


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