[Users] Zimbra GIT mirror in Bitbucket

Malte Stretz mss at msquadrat.de
Tue Oct 11 16:09:36 CEST 2016

Not for me, I still get the error cited in the forums:

> [stretz:~/Source/Zimbra/zimbra-foss] judaspriest-foss+* 0s ± git pull
> --ff-only
> User 'public' not authorized for 'git-upload-pack' on
> '~_0xS_repos_0xS_zimbra-foss'. fatal: Could not read from remote
> repository.
> Please make sure you have the correct access rights
> and the repository exists.

I remember now that the Bitbucket-Sync issue is another older one though 
because at some point a few months ago the whole Git History was rewritten and 
I have to re-push the whole Repo to Bitbucket which I didn't do yet.


On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 14:51:25 CEST Barry de Graaff wrote:
> Yah, the Zimbra Git has been fixed, thanks to Tonster!
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> Subject: Re: Zimbra GIT mirror in Bitbucket
> Hi Barry,
> On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 11:51:23 CEST Barry de Graaff wrote:
> > Can you update the
> > https://bitbucket.org/silpion/zimbra-foss
> > 
> > I still think it is a nice resource as it allows one to browse through the
> > source of Zimbra online w/o checkout.
> I'd love to, unfortunately is the Zimbra Git server down (at least for me)
> since at least a month now:
> http://forums.zimbra.org/viewtopic.php?
> f=17&t=60335&sid=62693d221c21568603fd725c21e1673a
> Or am I the only one who has this issue?
> > Also is there a way to make this repo public?
> It should be already, I'll check.
> Cheers,
> Malte

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