[Users] sendAs better to your zmmailbox or zmprov and how to het all sendAs permissions assigned to user

Barry De Graaff barrydg at zetalliance.org
Thu Jun 16 15:36:20 CEST 2016

Hello All,

In the old days we used : 
zmmailbox -z -m $MAILBOX grr account $SUBSCRIBER sendAs

now we use : 
zmprov grr account helpdesk at domain.com usr user at domain.com sendAs
The latter one seems to work better

- Is there a zimlet or something that would allow a user to remove a sendAs from their account? 

- What is the zmprov command to list all sendAs rights for a user
 zmprov ckr is not working for me as then I would need to know where to look in advance


Kind regards, 

Barry de Graaff
Zeta Alliance Founder

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