[Users] Zimbra PGP, and the new nguyennv/openpgp-secure-zimlet

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Fri Dec 16 10:03:04 CET 2016

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Hello All,

Its been 3 years since I started working on Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet, back then there only was
one PGP Zimlet that could verify signatures on Zimbra 7 (https://github.com/Fitblip/Zimbra-PGP)

The guy who wrote that also was involved in the pgp4browsers project that later merged into

In 3 years I learned a lot, and I am proud of what we achieved in getting PGP Support in Zimbra.
But with time, comes legacy, and that is never a good thing in software. By now I expected Zimbra Inc.
to include PGP support in the main product. That did not happen, but Nguyen Van Nguyen from Vietnam
found the time to start over from scratch while using the same technologies from Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet.

The new project can be found at:

There is still a few issues that need getting fixed, mainly about storing keys, once those are resolved
I think openpgp-secure-zimlet will become the better PGP Zimlet. I will test the
nguyennv/openpgp-secure-zimlet using my regular test scripts, so for you there will be a very little
amount of (or no) regressions.

In the mean time, the Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet will also be around, so you will have 2 open-source
products too choose from when it comes to Zimbra PGP.

Also if you are on the translations team for PGP Zimlet, consider translating the new one!!

Kind regards,

Barry de Graaff
Zeta Alliance Founder

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