[Devel] [Users] Feedback needed on "Findings and Recommendations Prepared For Zimbra Management"

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Hi guys, 
I've added a few comments but of course signed it. I hope we can convince Erynn and Synacor to improve the situation, as an employee I don't have enough strength that we can have as a group. 

Best regards 

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Let me clarify my Oracle statement in the document for everyone... 

The statement is there only to provide an example of Zimbra historically being so stable that Zimbra customers sometimes long-lifecycle Zimbra well past end-of-life dates. 

By way of background, over the years we have come across a number of such Zimbra-using prospects and clients using long past end-of-life versions of Zimbra. In many cases with smaller companies, the staff who had installed and had been maintaining Zimbra had left the company, but Zimbra was so stable that no current employee cared to touch it. At least from a security standpoint, we all know this is not a good thing. 

In this particular case, I had occasion to observe an Oracle employee use their email; the employee thought the interface looked like Zimbra and asked me where the Search bar was. The interface was immediately recognizable to me as Zimbra 7.x, which is past end-of-life. Did Oracle create a custom UI/theme using a 7.x theme as the base, but continue to upgrade and maintain their servers to a supported Zimbra version? I do not know. It could a Zimbra 8.x backend, sure. That's why I inserted the word " seemingly " in the document. 

Perhaps the doc should be amended to remove the name Oracle and replace it with something like " a large US-based software company ". That it's Oracle is less important than the fact that a large (US-based software) company is seemingly using a past end-of-life version of Zimbra. 

If we know there are more companies like this out there, that represents a good opportunity for Zimbra, its Partners and all of the other Zimbra ecosystem participants who put food on the table by doing paid Zimbra-related work. 

Hope that helps clear up what I was trying to represent in the doc. 

With best regards to all, 
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VMware was primarily responsible for working hard on the utter destruction 
of Zimbra. It's decision to lay off nearly 90% of the original developers 
was the start of the decline. It's failure to listen to Kevin H and other 
developers on an exciting new idea is why Microsoft has Accompli (now 
outlook mobile). I wouldn't give VMware credit for anything positive. 


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> Excellent work, I signed it. 
> For Oracle, he might think about VMware. 
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>> The document is awesome work, 
>> The only thing I don't understand is it mentions Oracle as being 
>> responsible for ZCS7 stability... on page 3... If that is indeed the 
>> case is there a reference on that? 
>> Barry 
>> On 06 Mar 2017, at 16:11, Adam Cody < ajcody at zetalliance.org > wrote: 
>> Hello everyone, 
>> I'd like to thank Mark S. for taking the time to do an excellent 
>> write up, IMO, that outlines our thoughts on the issues around the 
>> Zimbra project. Please also be kind enough in return to Mark, to 
>> share your thoughts on this document either my email, comments to 
>> the document, etc. You can also modify the document directly if you 
>> want, there is revision control if it's needed. 
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sQ0cAt_bOFAow5vGyNR4ON4BNprt2uUZJUvC 
>> M25bsjw/edit?usp=sharing 
>> The other document we started, which goes into more detail is at : 
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oKtQoLiX96llkS3tLYi4w8xXkcUGMJakbNl5 
>> EC3e2tA/edit?usp=sharing 
>> Regards, 
>> Adam [Ajcody] 
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