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The letter's intent is to help those within Synacor, that agree with our positions, to fight against the forces that don't. To make the "community" something solid as compared to being abstract; that our position is known. To clearly show which side of a position we fall on and who we are indirectly backing in a discussion within Synacor. 

I'm not sure if we can change things from the Atlassian tools to github.com , but we can advocate getting the project under Atlassian's open source project offering. I still think it's on Synacor to justify and fully explain their decision though, which I don't believe they have at this point. To see an example of a f/loss project using this - https://tracker.moodle.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa . 


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Hello guys 

Because Zimbra and Zextras employees are members in the Zeta alliance, the Zimbra sales team was already very aware about this letter. 

Officially , Synacor agrees and want to support the open source community. But it is hard to know what they will really decide to do next year. 

I'm still convinced the best solution for everybody is Zimbra dev team, platinium partners teams, and opensource contributors to use the github.com website to share the java oss sourcecode, use the pull request system, use the merge system and link commit to the public bugtracker like most real opensource projects do. 



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On 09/03/17 22:06, Adam Cody wrote: 


Wednesday evening I'll remove edit rights from our document with the
intention of sending it over to Synacor after the Thursday meeting. Per
the Zeta call today, we believe it's good and we've included at the
bottom a section for others to sign it if they choose. 

Thank you to all of you involved in getting this feedback put on paper.
It's an incredibly important statement from a users community.

I've signed it as well, as I can agree to this statement.  I just hope
it didn't come too late. 


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