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Aziz Ouedraogo a.ouedraogo at gestion-ressources.com
Wed May 4 17:56:11 CEST 2016

Hi all, 

I am currently working to gestion-ressources in Montreal. 

We are working on Zimbra infrastructure since many years and we are currently looking for somebody able to develop a Zimlet for one of our client. 

The Zimlet need to be able to share and mount calendar using distribution list with access right: 

You can find the description of the Zimlet below : 

• Only the users with admin rights will have access to the Zimlet 

• The Zimlet will present a list of all groups beginning with: cal_. 

• If you click on a group, you will have the list of all groups with a tick-box. If the box is ticked, the calendars of current group are already shared with that group. You can tick or untick boxes and decide if the calendar is shared or not. 

Once you have chose to share or not the calendar, you will have to choose between tow others tick-box if the calendar is shared on read only or on read/write 

• At the bottom, there are 2 buttons. One is «Save» that will share the calendars with the new ticked groups. 

• One is «Back» to go back to the main list of all groups. 

• «Save» operation will be asynchronous. It means that the user can continue interact with the interface even if the process of sharing is not finished. 

Do you know somebody in your team able do realize this Zimlet? Any Help will be appreciate. 

Best regards 

Aziz Ouedraogo 
Consultant TI 
Bureau : 514-288-7448 #28 

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