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--On Thursday, April 28, 2016 2:10 PM +0200 David Sommerseth 
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> On 28/04/16 13:02, Barry De Graaff wrote:
>> Yeah, that would mean if a license change would be needed, we need
>> to contact all people that ever contributed.
>> And in reality, you are not likely to find all those people.
> Perhaps.  But I am sure that there will be some ways around this too,
> from a legal point of view.  Yes, it will make the process of a
> project with many individual contributors harder.  But there are so
> many F/LOSS projects running without CLAs, and they seem all to do
> just fine.

This is why OpenLDAP does right's assignment to the project: 

This means we can change license or anything else in the future.  No CLA 



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