[Devel] Zimbra FreeBSD Build and Packages

Quanah Gibson-Mount quanah at zimbra.com
Fri Jun 17 20:55:55 CEST 2016

--On Friday, June 17, 2016 10:01 AM +0200 Malte Stretz <mss at msquadrat.de> 

> I think what he means is to replace ZIMBRA_HOME with some kind of value
> on  build. I looked about that in the packages sources a few days and
> while a lot  of OZ* variables are used already, /opt/zimbra is hardcoded
> in a lot of  places. Should be relatively easy to fix though. I didn't
> look through the Java  code yet but that should theoretically use the
> zimbra_home localconfig value.

The LC key for zimbra_home is deprecated and unused.  As I already stated, 
it was a massive security nightmare.  Everything is hard coded to 
/opt/zimbra on purpose.

>> > * How would you propose to work a

> Generally, my feeling is that Zimbra, if it comes to FreeBSD, shouldn't
> really  be part of the official ports tree but come from a separate
> source like it does  on Linux. I looked into the pkg.conf man page and it
> seems like you can  configure more thatn one repository, is that right?
> https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?
> query=pkg.conf&sektion=5&n=1#REPOSITORY_CONFIGURATION

That is generally what I was asking for when talking about having a FreeBSD 
port.  While I understand there is interest in having an official Zimbra 
build in pretty much every distribution, the simple fact is we frequently 
push updates, which tends to go against how distributions work.

I'm not opposed to making it possible to include Zimbra in a distribution 
of any sort, but such a beast would be constantly subject to being out of 
date comparatively.



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